The Country P's contract was signed by El Ramon, and with the golden seal of the mafia king, it became legit and was accepted by the royal treasury board of trustees.

Days later, the harvesting of opium began on the island, and all the royal planters and foreign planters were as busy as an ant.

"Get your fat arse over here and scale these bags of opium."

The foreman's voice boomed in the large warehouse, as he scale the bags arranged in his front, stacked them into wheelbarrows, and was pushed out by bare-chested men, then stacked inside the trucks that will be taking them to the seashore.

"Have scaled all the bags at my left side, what remains is the ones over there."

"Okay boss, my let me quickly scale them."

An angry planter walked closer and yelled at the foreman, "why don't you attend to my goods?"

"Because your goods are lesser than the minimum kilograms needed. Except you are ready to sell it at a lower price," the foreman answered back with a shrug.

"Is there no way you can h
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