The smile on El Ramon's lips froze at the sight of Lady Agatha, and he ignored her, then seat on a chair closer to Andrea.

"This is Lady Agatha."

"Have seen her."

"Hello, My prince."


"You never asked of me?"

"Tell me why you are here."

Lady Agatha breathed out loud, looked at Andrea, and muttered in a whisper, "am here to inform you that am pregnant."

"Good news. Congratulations to you and the father of the baby."

"Stop being sarcastic, El Ramon. You knew I have never opened my nakedness for any man except you."

"The baby is not mine, please go."

"Am ready to swear this before all gods. You won't deny your responsibility, will you?"

"No I won't, if the baby is truly mine."

"There is only one way to find this out. But Lady Agatha must be sure he is responsible or she will lose her baby."

"Why will I lie and risk my baby's life?"

"Your baby will be tested by the royal physicians, and if the DNA matched the prince's own, then the baby belongs to him, otherwise he or
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