"We now have enough evidence to arrest the foreigners," El Ramon announced after hearing madam Shasha's confession.

"Yes. I suggest we rescue Madam Shasha and bring her here."

"I will inform our men when they come tonight. Until then, there is little we can do."

"I never expect her confession to be so fast. Whatever means they use is very effective."

"In truth, it is. We have a lot to learn from the white angels."

"I suggest we host a party and invite all the important royal mafias and honourable men, then play this cassette and let them hear with their ears."

"Good idea. They can ask her any questions they have after."

"And I will issue the arrest of the foreigners as well."

"But what about our business with them? This island can't survive without their ships, knowledge of the sea, and a place to sell the goods. That was why your father had been tolerating them for so long."

"Yet, we can't allow their treachery to go unpunished."

"That was why we create the white angels. Let
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