Madam Achia's house was ransacked for hours, and just when the mafias were given up in their search, one among them kicked a bowl on his way, and the bucket tumbled and the severed head of madam Shasha rolled into sight.

The mafia that saw this peered closer, looked stunned, and cried out, "please come and see this strange thing."


"What is it?"

"A human head."

"Oh my goodness. This is madam Shasha's head."

"What? Let me take a look."

Andrea peered out of the midst of the mafias, stare at the head for several minutes, turned at the woman at her back, and asked, "how did her head enter your house and where is the remaining part of the body?"

"I have no idea of this accusation. Asked the lady you sent to plant the head here."

"Aliya. Come over here."

"Here am I. Your majesty."

"Did you bring this head over here?"

"Before all gods. I only came here with my handbag, and the gateman can bear my witness."

"Where is the gateman?"

"Here am I. Your majesty."

"What did you have to say c
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