No matter how good you are, not everyone will like you. Because your existence is a source of tears for some, not everyone will be happy to see you breathing.

One of Andrea's secret enemies was lady Agatha, and she had vowed to see the end of her.

Today, lady Agatha appeared in deep thought and her face shows that she wasn't cheerful.

"What can I do to get rid of this pest?" She murmured to herself, stepped into the corridor within the palace, and walked towards the staff's section.

She halted suddenly at the sight of El Ramon and several guards at his back.

Because she was already seen by him, and turning back now will look suspicious and childish, lady Agatha had no choice but to walk towards the puzzling-looking prince, bowed, and stood confused.


"I'm just strolling to lose my joints."

"Okay. Enjoy your strolling."

"Wait, prince. I want to chat with you."


Lady Agatha faced the men at the back of the prince and signaled to them to step back a bit to allow them to d
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