Whatever a man seeks diligently will be found. And this may be the reason why a wise man once opined that 'where there is a will, there must be a way.'

After a long time of searching and asking questions, lady Agatha was able to get the address of a sorceress.

And today, she had decided to visit the woman to seek a solution to her problem.

Because she doesn't want to appear as a royal family, the beautiful woman was dressed in common attire as she stepped out of the palace into her car, and drove out of the big black gate.

From the description given to her, the sorceress is living in a remote area that is accessible by an untarred road, and this was the best for the woman who seeks to remain anonymous to avoid the ever-listening ears of the rumor mongers.

Hours later, lady Agatha parked her car, dropped down, and walked towards some men who had been staring at her since she drove into sight.

"I seek for a woman named Monica. She is a renowned sorceress and lives around here."

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