Because the black ninjas' demand is beyond Priest's decision, he had no choice but to summon all the stakeholders for a meeting.

And having explained to them, he sighs and awaits their decision.

"You have heard from Priest's mouth. What is your decision?" Aries who had already been aware of this looked in his comrades' faces and asked.

"I'm not in support of handling the document to the black ninjas. What if they betrayed us by refusing to do our work?" One among the men peered at his comrades, spread his palms, and shake his head.

"You are right. The risk is too enormous."

"Are we letting go of everything we have invested? This should be the question on our minds at this junction."

"Are you suggesting we give out our only claim on this island to the black ninjas? That's an absurdity, my friend," the oldest man among the merchants shrieked at Augur.

Priest pacify the two men and said, "we are all entitled to our opinion, and there is no need to quarrel about this."

"Let's act like a m
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