Two men had stalked Jade into the foreigner's headquarters, and they were seen hidden at the back of a big tree that stood at the roadside.

Because it was still dark, and the sky was stilled filled with dimming stars that were preparing to leave the vast sky, the silhouettes of the two men merged with the semi-darkened atmosphere.

"She will be coming out with lots of money, and we will assault her, yank her into that forest over there, strip her of her money, enjoy her pavilion, and race off."

"Amazing. We have lots of fun awaiting us. I just pray she come out before the daybreak."

"She must... Ahh, here she comes."

The men tried to make themselves as invincible as possible as the lady approach them, leaped abruptly at her as she stepped closer, then yanked her off her feet in a bid to drag her into the forest.

But they met the shock of their lives when their prey stabbed the first man in the throat with a knife that suddenly materialized in her hand, whirled in the air, whacked her k
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