El Ramon was still gloating about the success of their plans when Andrea returned from her room and laid the document on the center table.

El Ramon stepped closer, picked up the documents, and stare at them, then shake his head and announced, "this is fake, and the seal on it is not my father's seal. The foreigners have outsmarted us again."

"They were trying to fool the black ninjas, and present to them a fake document. We have been underestimating our opponents all this while."

"You are right. This is a blow to all my plans. Now we have no more evidence to arrest them.

" Aye. We will look stupid if we dare produce this fake paper as our main evidence."

"What is our next step?"

"The lady will be returning their worthless paper to them and will cut all ties with them. And they will be forced to seek for their assistance or come to us when we set the white angels after them."

"Good. Odell will be killed by the white angels before daybreak, and the lady can have control of the Inn after
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