The white angels were in their usual hideout, and also in a merry-go-round mood.

Because of their recent publicity, the numbers of men had increased tremendously in a few days, and they were all seen on the chairs made out of rock, and on the hard ground. And in their hands were numerous bottles of hard liquors that are not uncommon to be seen consumed by members of a deadly gang.

Far off, five people were seen in discussions, but one among them seemed to be drunk, as he keeps spitting his saliva as he mumbled to himself.

"Your kinsmen is drunk as usual, now we are all bathed with his poisonous spit."

"Don't mind him. Let him keep comparing himself to junior members."

"Imagine when a full-grown man will wake up by five and get drunk before seven!"


"Let him be," Onishi announced, stare at the drunk man for a while, hissed, and resumed his speech, "what did you all think about the latest occurrence on this island?"

"The royal palace was aware of lady Agatha's plan, and
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