Aries and the men with him arrived inside their headquarters in the night because they had decided to stay until nightfall. To avoid peering eyes.

The men promptly hopped out of the car that brought them in, lift the wounded man, and carried him into a separate room with a small mattress. Then one among them went to inform Priest of the unexpected twist of the event.

A moment later, Priest, Augur, and the man returned.

"He had informed me along the way. It's a good decision to bring him here."

"Am happy you agree. It was a decision made spontaneously and I doubted the wisdom of it for a while."

"How about his health, hope he will be making it."

"Sure. His condition had stabilized, and I believe he will be waking up soon."

"Good. Put men at the door to his room, and inform me as soon as he becomes conscious."

"Heard you were unable to meet the white angels."

"Yes. We turned back immediately. We will go again tomorrow."

"No. Let's wait until this man becomes alive, so we can ask him w
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