As soon as the rain subside and everywhere became quiet. The priest was sure the ladies of attendance were deep in sleep, so he walked into Onishi's room and woke the sleeping man.

"Get up, time to go."

Onishi blinked his eyes, grunted as he tried to stand up, and was helped to his feet by Priest's strong arms.

"Easy mate."

"Where are you taking me to?"

"Into one of our ships at the port. You will be saved there until you are strong enough to sneak out of town."

"Thank you, I will always remember your kind deed."

"Not to remember alone, but to be ready to pay back when the time arises."

"Aye. I swear this before all gods."

The two men arrived outside the building and turned towards the uncompleted buildings at the back.

"Is that not the way out?" Onishi asked with a cautious face, pointing at the big gate far off, and peering around for a weapon to defend himself if Priest tried to attack him.

"I have a secret passage through the underground, and you will emerge at a bush far from her
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