Blood Prince

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Blood Prince

By: Ayazia27 OngoingFantasy

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The prince was funny and very talented. Galerna is the crown prince, making his debut as a young wizard. Embark on missions and journeys, solving the mysteries of this world and the unexpected enemies that have been by its side. It turned out that his enemy was the closest person to him. one by one began to be revealed, from the mysterious murder of the young magic troops from the Phasiarova Kingdom. Galerna and his friends follow a murder mystery until they come to an abandoned village. Shows the real enemy. Galerna must fight the enemy, or everyone is in danger, due to the release of a terrible creature.

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  • yu ling


    i like it this novel. Story of fantasiy and romance, that wonder fun

    2022-12-21 18:15:00
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17 chapters
Chapter 1 Current News
"Hey. There's new news. Current news." A short young man ran hastily along the almost full table. Servants to and fro bringing wine, wine, and food. Smells delicious everywhere. The short man took a stool and sat down at the table which was crowded with people. Bringing shocking news. “What new news? If only the news is not good. You better get out of here," said the big man. "No, no, no. This is very good news. Not only good but very shocking. You know. More than five thousand rebels raised the flag of war against the atrocities of the Terrace Kingdom, under the auspices of the three Great Kingdoms who agreed to the rebels. The Grimoire Kingdom, the Lagarde Kingdom, the Phasiarova Kingdom,” the short man said more excitedly, as if he was at the forefront, “On the side of the Terrace Kingdom. Only less than two thousand Mage Troops were securing Lillian Palace. These rebels want to overthrow King Galerna Illianese Gosswardt.” “In the end, all of this
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Chapter 2 Three Path
The debate continues, between the men's group and the women's group. Have different perceptions. "Women know what. We are here to present the real facts. You women are ignorant, your gossiping nature.” "How much did King Galerna pay you, so that you are willing to defend him?" another man said louder. “Ehm… the women should stay at home. Serve your husband well, and behave well and gracefully. Your voices aren't that useful out there." In just a few debates. The women lost badly. "Well! Our vote is lost to yours. Be complacent you guys, ignorant men,” said the little girl angrily, unable to argue anymore. “Just let the men mock us. However, they must know themselves. They can do nothing without women. Looking here and there, but forgetting their mediocre faces." The more mature woman sneered at the attitude of the men on the other side of the table. It was seen that some of the men had sour faces, red faces with shame, and some even did not know t
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Chapter 3 Little Girl
Erza's words were hard for Galerna to decide, Erza took Galerna to a big tent. What do you see now? They, the people of the Terrace Kingdom who were victims of the civil war, were accommodated in a medical center in hiding. Children, women, unarmed men, the elderly, and several armies of magicians were separated from ordinary citizens, only separated by small cubicles. Moans were heard everywhere, the Mecird were running here and there, treating the injured. So crowded, stuffy, and congested, the smell of blood and drugs burst everywhere. Galerna did not expect this war to take so many victims. In just a few moments, the noise began to be controlled, it became quiet, there was no moaning, the crying stopped, and even the Mecird stopped treating sick patients. They all turned their heads in unison towards the person they had so long hoped for peace. "Your Majesty. You came to see us?" said an old woman, smiling happily. Galerna turned to th
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Chapter 4 The Great Wizard God
The reaction is so fast. The little girl was already in front of Galerna, blocking her or rather protecting Galerna, with her shiny dagger raised, ready to attack in case of danger. "It's touching. A little girl, the only one to be so loyal to you, Your Majesty.” "What else do you want here? You've had enough of provoking my people, your lies, your cunning,” Galerna hissed furiously. “Nothing can stop me, Your Majesty. I am the light and dark side of you. There is always black and white. I am black disguised as white. We'll see how Your Majesty can deal with this war. ” "ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF YOUR THOUGHTS! STAY AWAY FROM ME, DON'T SPREAD HATE IN MY PEOPLE!” roared Galerna. Galerna is no longer angry, seeing the White Smiling Cry is anger. Although the little girl swiftly attacked the white-robed figure. The Smiling Weeping White disappeared into the darkness. The White Smiling Cry had said before disappearing, the figure in the white robe said som
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Chapter 5 Matchmaking
"The Great Wizard God with his magical power is very warm and majestic. Defeat the Devil Goddess, and save humanity from extinction. The world that has been shrouded in the darkness of war and the rise of the Devil Goddess, for the first time the warm light of the sun shines through the land of the world, giving a deep warmth. With the end of the endless war and the tragedy of the rise of the Devil Goddess. Humanity, wizards, and humans are back together to build a residential area to be able to live in and side by side with each other. Some wizards have reached the highest point of sorcery, placing them in the laces far from the realm of humans. On the other hand, witches and humans glorify the Great Wizard God and become the legend of the Savior of the world." "That's the story," said Harsa, closing the book back in her lap. Harsa and Galerna returned to the palace. Preparing for Galerna's move, taking magic lessons in the Langdon Kingdom. In the palace courtyar
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Chapter 6 Hunting Living Things
Mr. Toni snorted and said in a scornful tone, “Oh, good relations? You, Shanyu, and Lian. Is there no problem with your other brother?” "There isn't any." "There isn't any?" said Mr. Toni squinting. Although Harsa has a soft-spoken and calm eye, hiding something behind her attitude and expression will be easily read by her father's sharp eyes. With just one repetition, Harsa was cornered by Mr. Toni's sharp eyes. “Kresna and I have had a bad relationship lately. Father, why do you defend Kresna so much, even the murder of Kresna? My father tried to cover it up. Lian and I have been fighting a lot lately.” "Kresna killed Lagarde's subordinates for another reason." "Other reason? What reason is that Father?” asked Harsa. Mr. Toni tapped his teacup, thinking twice about telling Harsa the truth, rather than the foster brother's relationship drifting apart due to a misunderstanding. "Kresna killed Lagarde's subordinates on father's orders?"
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Chapter 7 Dark Triad
How to defeat Enbu. They sometimes appear in swarms, sometimes in small-scale gro, ups, and even in large swarms like today. Even though the Enbu were half-human half-wolf creatures, they were quite smart, almost able to match wizards. They can do magic, it's just that on a small scale they are not like wizards.The most complicated thing besides them being in groups, they can do the healing. If you say Enbu is a Half-Demon, it also has its legend from centuries ago, why the creature has an ingenuity that is almost equal to humans, even wizards in terms of magic and healing.There is a way to subdue the Enbu, by exterminating them in a short time until they can no longer recover themselves or their group. It was difficult to injure Enbu, even after Hannah whipped him earlier, another Enbu came and healed the member who was hit by Faena's whip. Can do magic, and healing, clever, and they are very agile in running in the middle of the misty forest.Hearing a terrible howl,
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Chapter 8 Peacock Prince
Galerna was still laughing. Almost the entire forest area was razed to the ground, due to the strong gust of wind that was in his magic, defeating the Enbu horde."Good, good, Prince Galerna always has surprises."Ignoring the sarcasm that Professor Ara made sweet, while raising a magical wand, cast a spell that returned the whole forest to its original state. The fallen trees are back to normal, the damaged land is back to normal. Fixed the mess that Galerna made.Unfortunately, the great teachers couldn't help but give a perfect score for the greatness of Galerna which always amazes great teachers.For these three days, Silla College students camped in the Mount Toba Forest. Hunting monsters, Creature Demons, to low-level creatures, and, the climax was when they finally met the inhabitants of the Toba Peak Mountain Forest.Enbu has been a threat to residents who live not far from the Mount Toba Forest. Enbu terror, the creature always eats residents' livestock
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Chapter 9 Quarrel
"What's wrong? You are the wrong one." Her teeth chattered together, veins popping in Galerna's head.Unable to bear spitting out his anger, “Being a picky person? Even if you are not her type, Sophia also has high standards of the type of man that Sophia wants."Kaiser chuckled, widening the corners of his bloody lips, “Oh, he has high standards too. Why don't you just choose a partner for him, that way I can be free from him."Galerna really couldn't take it anymore. The arrogance, haughtiness, and childish attitude of a Royal Prince. Nothing could stop Galerna who had been ignited by emotion. Let Galerna give color to Prince Peacock's haughty and arrogant face.A fight was unavoidable, the small streets in the alleys of the residents' houses that were originally quiet turned bustling with noisy students watching the fight, just as Hannah and several seniors and Professor tried to separate Galerna and Kaiser. Galerna is annoyed with Kaiser's behavior that always hurts Sophia's heart.
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Chapter 10 The White Smiling Crying
Meeting King Arwey and his father. Discussing again the engagement of Sophia and Kaiser in the future. Seeing the situation, both parties did not like it and there was a little tension. Dad decides to call off Sophia and Kaiser's engagement. There's a bit of pity from King Arwey, with the cancellation of Sophia's engagement. It couldn't be helped, Sophia's closest family objected to the engagement. Only Galerna and Galerna objected to their father's decision, to cancel Sophia's engagement. Sophia also accepts her father's decision as Sophia's uncle and guardian. This time, Galerna will do her best, looking for a partner who sincerely loves Sophia. Deliberately eavesdropping on the conversation between father and King Arwey. Galerna was just playing around in the outer courtyard of Silla College, not knowing what to do, like an idiot playing alone. Sometimes annoying the birds in the yard, trying to catch and play with them. And by accident, one of the birds was caught, the bird in h
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