We are all governed by fate. As we have no power over when to be born, so also we have no power over when to leave this earth.

We can only cure sickness but not prevent death.

Living a less risky life does not guarantee a long life, save guarding our lives is useless, it's all a fruitless effort to avoid death.

Little wonder one of the greatest books mortality was ever blessed with opined that, ' a man that tries to protect his life will be deprived of it, while those who lose it because of their beliefs will be rewarded with eternal life.

Luckily enough, nothing can kill a man who is not destined to die at that moment.

Because is not Priest's time to go, he was lucky to narrowly escaped the assassin's death. And as soon as everywhere is safe, he was seen holding an emergency meeting with some of his colleagues.

"What's the cause of this disturbance?" One young merchant that was woke from the gunshots asked.

"We were attacked by some deadly gang. And I was lucky to escape from them
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