Greenwich dock is located on the extreme side of the city and had been the center of commerce for the island since the foreigners came.

Because most of the investment on that parcel of land, and even over the sea beyond was constructed by the foreigners to facilitate easy movement of opium to the outside world, they had been handed the right to be in charge of the security and running of the place and the royal house only supplied mafias whenever the foreigners demand them.

Since the mafias are autonomous and will be paid by the foreigners, they were quickly corrupted and soon became sympathetic towards their new masters.

At last, the foreigner's dominance over the island became absolute, and the royal house had no choice, but to wait until the expiration of the contract form.

Lots of trucks were parked inside the wall of the dock and two mechanics were seen working on one of them.

"Go inside and ignite the engine," one among them informed his comrade.

"Alright, boss."

A moment lat
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