Even before the morning cock crow, men had already gathered at the Country P merchant's headquarters. And their discussion can be given attention to, even from afar.

Seating in his usual position was Priest, Aries after him and Augur at the next seat, to be followed by the rest of the merchants.

"The captain of our ship called to inform me of a successful voyage and assured me the transactions are going on smoothly. They will be on their way back in few days and should arrive here in three months," Priest announced, after the initial noise over salutation diminished.

"How times flies. So is up to three months since they left for overseas!" Augur exclaimed.

"Aye. And lots of things had happened since then."

"When are we going to check our deceased comrades and guards? I thought that was why we were ordered to assemble here at this time of the day," the oldest man on the seat asked.

"You are right. I want Aries and Augur to lead the men that will be checking them. Verify what really ha
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