Prince El Ramon and Andrea were seen seating in a lobby closer to the palace grassland, and in their front was a table. And on it were plates of fruits, bottles of wine, two glasses filled with red wine, and a chessboard.

"Did you know why I love chess game?"

"No. Your Highness."

"Because is the only game that sharpened your mind and teaches you the act of waging war."

"I agree with you," Andrea answered with a nod, made a move with her pawn and the pawn was killed by El Ramon's king.

"Did you know what will happen when a pawn refuses to play?"

"No. Your Highness."

"The pawn is the weakest in a game of chess, but there will never be any game if the pawn refuses to pay."

"I agree with you. And if the pawn can defeat the king then it can be anything it chooses."

"Isn't that applicable in the real world? Warriors are slaughtered for the king and queen to remain in power, but the warrior can become anything if he or she chooses to eradicate his or her master and take the mantle of leaders
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