'Have travelled far and near

Overseas and tall mountains

Isle, crook and straightway

In search of a wealth fountain

And when old age steals my strength away

And the wealth I seek seemed far away

Like Ceaser longing for Rome

I wore my scandal and picked my crotch

Grief for those times I never keep in touch

As I turned back toward my dear home.

Johji Inn became deafening with applause, as the musician bowed and stepped off the podium.

A moment later, the silence that had descended after the earth-gripping song upgraded into an uproar as a fight suddenly boomed out in the section meant for liquor drinkers.

"Did you dare insult my father and called him a goat?"

"Yes. I called him a goat but not as an insult."

"I beg your pardon. Calling a man a goat is an insult, and when the man happens to be my father, then I have no choice but to fight for his honour."

"Be still. A goat means; great of all time and not an animal."

"In that case, avoid unnecessary abbreviations when talking to me."

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