As expected, lady Agatha couldn't sleep through the night as she tossed from one end of the mattress to the other side, in expectation of the call from the man who claimed he is from the foreigners.

After Amara's confession, the thoughtful-looking woman had realized how vulnerable she is, as long as Andrea is alive.

Thanks to the anonymous caller, how will she have realized her life is at stake?

Informing El Ramon is futile, as lady Agatha was fully aware that he will always support Andrea, no matter the volume of the evidence against her.

Her only hope lies in seeking help from the outsider, though she wasn't sure how he could help her in this circumstance.

But then, if the caller had been so knowledgeable to the extent he knew of the plan to poison her, he shouldn't be belittled.

Having no other choice, she was ready to seek the help of the foreigners as long as it will get her back the love she seek so much.

Though lady Agatha couldn't blink through the night, it was a great
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