Since Priest is not at the meeting hall, Barrymore decided to check him in his section of the headquarters, and the sound of his shoe echoed as he sauntered through the long corridor.

After knocking, and being asked to come in, Barrymore opened the wooden door, walked into the well-furnished parlour and seat in front of the two men who stare at him as he bowed to greet them.

"Welcome. How was your journey?"

"We were welcomed into a cosy room and offered a whole bottle of red wine. It was an amazing experience for us."

"What is the message from the royal family, we didn't send you to go and drink wine, did we?"

"Be kind to Barrymore," Priest informed Augur, smiled and stretched his hand towards the package that was dropped on the centre table in his front.

"Did El Ramon attend to you?"

"No. A tough-looking guard with a barrel chest and a thunderous voice was asked to attend to us."

"That must be Banjo." The priest announced, opened the sealed parchment and read through the contra
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