After her conversation over the phone with Andrea, Jade can be seen smiling in front of a life-size mirror.

"The image am seeing is prettier than me," she muttered, standing up from the stool in front of the mirror and stretching her body.

A moment later, the frail-looking lady was dressed in a white backless top and mini-skirt, and a black handbag was hung over her shoulder as she stepped out of a well-furnished room, into a long corridor that is poorly light. Men and ladies bowed at her as she passed through the corridor and emerged outside.

Far off, various exquisite cars were crammed in the car park, and Jade stepped towards a blue-painted sports car, opened the car door and hopped into the driver's seat.

Seconds later, the car engine became alive, and the thoughtful-looking lady drove out immediately after.

Hours later, she passed through a toll gate that separates an island from the other one, into the busy city and got lost among the tall buildings and mansions that covered
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