The ten mafias heard the gunshots at the same time, dived for cover, and then shot at the sources of the bullets.

But because their environment was surrounded by light from lots of electric bulbs that were arranged at the ceiling far up, while their attackers were in darkness and at the back of stones to protect them, the royal mafias suffered high casualties in a few minutes and the cries and grunt of the men that were hit by the never cease bullets echoed in the silence that is usually associated with underground cells that were carved out of rock.

"Am hit... Oh my goodness, am being shot on the shoulder."

"My head... A pellet had entered my right eye!"

"Get your arse on the floor and fire back. Don't stand on your feet until your skull is shattered to pieces by their bullets."

"Look! Her majesty is wounded."

"Try and get closer to her and dragged her to safety."

The first man that crawled towards the unconscious lady was shot in the head, the second man in the neck, so others gave
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