Wisdom can be likened to the mother that gave birth to knowledge and understanding.

Simply put, it's the ability, or the result of an ability to think, act, and utilise the knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight to solve a problem at hand.

It comprises knowing when and how to use the accumulated knowledge, putting the situation in perspective and having the ability to impact it on others.

As proved, the acts of being wise are not only peculiar to humans, but also animals, and the ants were believed to be the smallest, yet the wisest among them.

"Thank you for the explanation," one among the maids listening to Andrea's speech on the importance of seeking wisdom announced after raising her hand and giving permission to speak.

"I still don't understand, can you explain what you mean by calling the ants the wisest among all animals? I thought those positions belongs to bigger, stronger, and fastest animals, and not those tiny and weak insects."

Andrea smile and a
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