After settling the dispute among the palace maid, Andrea signalled to the two fighting ladies to follow her back to her compartment, entertained them with wine and meat and sat beside them to offer some unsolicited counselling.

"Tell me a little about yourself?" She asked the taller and fairer among the two maids.

"My name is Chinua and am the first daughter of my father."

"And who is your father?"

"He is a fisherman and lives closer to the creek at the eastern flanks of the island."

"How old are you, Chinua?"

"Nineteen, your highness."

"What is your life ambition?"

"To get married, raised kids and start my own family. Am the first daughter of my father, and I have other mature ladies that were ripe for marriage. They were only waiting for me to get married first, as demanded by the custom of this island."

Andrea nodded her head, fixed her eyes on the pretty face in her front and let out, "Wanda is a rake that is seeking fun and is not yet interested in a serious relationship. I can m
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