Since the men were yet to be equipped with guns, they only attacked the eight invaders with spears, daggers, swords and cutlasses. And that were the mistakes that cost most of them their lives, and the lucky ones lost some vital parts of their bodies.

Because the passageway is not wide enough, the invaders were in pairs as they slashed at the incoming men.

Jade and the first beast were at the front of the assaulting team, and since both believe in fairness and equality, they kept their guns aside, brought out their swords and slashed at the incoming mobs.


A man with a bandana band over his head thrust a cutlass at Jade's head, but the lady stooped down, whirled, then arched the sword in her hand sideway, and the arm holding the cutlass fell off as the owner of the hand burst into tears, then remained muted when his head left his neck.

Known as a man with no iota of pity in his blood, the first beast slashed off any man that dared step within the sword reached. He scrambled cl
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