The speedboat covered hundreds of kilometres in a few hours, and its speed seemed satisfactory to Priest as he keeps nodding his head in contentment.

"How many kilometres away is our destination?"

"Four hundred kilometres. At this speed, we have four more hours to spend on the water."

"I will appreciate it if you can move a bit faster than this."

Moments later, the sun suddenly fled the sky, and the blue cloud was overpowered by a mass of white cirrus clouds that appeared from the east, and then covered the whole horizon. As the barometer inside the boat fall drastically, the ocean began to swell up, reaching over ten feet and coming apart every five seconds.

"What's with that?"


"Bad luck. We were exposed and it won't augur well if we were caught by a storm in the middle of the ocean."

"What to be done? The darkness is fast approaching."

"I suggest we turn back," Augur peeked at the looming darkness, shakes his head and announced, "sailing forward is suicidal."

"The caut
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