A bird hatched its hatchlings on top of a tree inside an old man's farm. As the hatchling grows feathers, the mother bird flew off to look for feeds for them, and when it returned from its journey one day, it was notified of the visit of the old man to his farm.

"The owner of the farm come here when you left," one of the hatchlings informed its mother.

"What did he say concerning the bushes and trees on his farm?"

"He said he will send his brother to come and clear the thickets tomorrow."

"Then there is nothing to worry about," the mother bird replied, jumped into its nest and nestled closer with its hatchlings to keep them warm.

A week later, the bird returned from its food search and was informed of the farmer's second visit.

"The old man promised to send his children to clear his farm when he came for a visit."

"Am happy to hear that. We were still safe for now."

On his third visit, the farmer was angry because the people sent failed to perform the job, and he vowed to come and do
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