The villagers presumed they were logs of wood and it was when they drifted closer that the silhouette of men was seen.

"A boat must have capsized during the storm," one among the onlooker fishermen announced.

"Aye. We need to go and rescue the living one among them."

"Good suggestion. Let's call our people to come along with us."

"Hey! All of you should come out, we need to rescue the people in the sea."

Moments later, men were seen coming out of the caves close by, leaping into the sea, and swimming closer to the drifting hunched figures. While some leapt into their canoes and paddled closer.

"Are they dead?"

"Not all. This lady is still breathing."

"Check that man over there."

"Let's haul the living ones into our boats."

"They must be from Greenwich island, and must have lost their way during the storms."

"Hauled them out now. We need to save anyone alive."

"Feel their pulse and pumped out the water in their stomach."

"They will freeze to death in this cold. Take them into our cav
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