The guards at the wharf were surprised when the man who had been friendly and meek during his prior visit suddenly became hostile. And the presence of hundreds of mafias with weapons at his back made them surrender without firing a bullet.

After handcuffing the guards at the gate and cramming them into the awaiting truck, some mafias were ordered to drive them to the palace, while the rest scattered into the foreigners' ships in search of the sailors and the sailing crews.

"Go in a group of twenty and be careful. Most of the sailors had weapons and were uncultured to know when to shoot or not," Zuma informed the mafias with him, watched as forty among them divided themselves into two, then signals to some to spread all around the wharf environment and intercept anyone who may try to escape through the sea.

"No one must escape. Dead or alive, I want all the sailors and the ship crews arrested and sent to the palace."

It was a command. One that the mafias had no intention of breaking,
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