Four heavily armed men stepped into an overcrowded Inn and a fight occur immediately. A moment later, the booming Inn was like a deserted cemetery in the middle of the night and only the staff and some die-hard customers were seen gawking at the bloodstained men who seemed to be enjoying the whole scenario

"You all ran off after starting a fight with us. I never knew this island is filled with pansies."

"Who is the manager of this inn?

"Come and have the money for everything that was destroyed during the quarrel," One among the men cried out in loud voice, dipped his hand inside his trouser and brought out some piles of cash.

"Hey! Are you deaf?"

When no one came out of hidden, he dropped the money on top of a table close by, signalled to his comrades, and they all walked out of the rectangular-shaped inn, into the large compounds, and closer to the gate of the Inn.

"To the next Inn."

"Am hungry. Let's look for something to eat."

"Hey... Look up."

A car drove into sight, parked far o
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