The four men were led by the foreigners and their guards into a dimly light hall. Far off, some figures hunched over the chairs, and the physique of the Priest became visible as the men stepped closer.

"Welcome, Augur. Are these the men?"

"Yes, boss."

The priest stood from his seat, stretched his right hand for a shake, and then signalled to the men to seat at the empty chairs around him.

"Welcome, young men. Have heard a lot about you, and am glad we finally meet."

"Thank you, Mr Priest. We have heard a lot about you as well."

"They were the most notorious men on this island, and we are lucky to have them with us."

"No doubt they were... Am sure Augur had explained what this crusade is all about."

"Yes. Though we still have some questions left unanswered."

"Please speak. You have my ears."

"What are the terms and conditions of the contract?"

"Hundred thousands of dollars for every survival and also salary for life. Feeding, transportation, and weapons will be paid for by me."

"How ma
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