The priest was lost in thought as soon as the four mercenaries left his sight.

"We need to send some people to go and verify if the ship is at the dock," Barrymore who had been peering at his superior face let out.

"Go along with some men and be careful not to be tailed back to our hideout."

"What about you? I suggest you leave this place right now."

"I will. Let's be on our way."

The group marched out of their meeting hall and were weary of snipers as they hurried close to their cars, hopped inside and drove into the main road.

"Something is wrong at our headquarters. All my telephone calls were received by a strange voice... I hope that is not what am thinking."

"What's on your mind?"

"I guess El Ramon had invaded our place and arrested all our men."

"Call Greenwich port to confirm from the guards there. I believe they will have information about what is going on."

"I already did. My calls were picked up by strange men who seemed interested in my location, but offered no vital inf
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