Onishi released his newfound lover from an absurd position, stand up from his kneeling posture, and breathed out loud.

"Did you enjoy the lovemaking?"

"Aye. It keeps getting better."

"I wish we can make a baby now. High time we have an heir to the throne of Greenwich."

"Too late. There is an heir already."

"I don't understand."

"Prince El Ramon's wife delivered a boy and he is with the mafia's assassins as we are speaking."

"We must kill him. We can't afford to let him grow and claimed the throne."

"Killing a baby is the least of my headache. Did you think your plug will supply mercenaries strong enough to defeat them?"

"The men you were talking about were trained and spent all their lives combatting. My plug knows a lot about them and he will send those who are capable of eradicating them."

"Am scared of them. They look unbeatable to me."

"No mortal is indomitable... Don't worry, my plug's men were up to the task."

"Let's be on our way," Onishi mumbled as he picked up his clothing to
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