"We fight for our country because it's our duty."

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Austin opened his eyes due to the bright sun rays, the hardness of gravel on his body, and the chirping of birds. He closed them again when the light from the sun almost blinded him. After adjusting to the rays of the sun, Austin stood up from the sand and looked around him. There were no trees, no houses, just sand everywhere. It was as if Austin was in the desert alone.

"Ouch, the sun is too hot." kemisola voice sounded beside him. "Where are we?" She stood up and used her hand to remove the sand from her body.

"My head hurts!" Tammy groaned out in pain behind them. "This place is hot and looks as if we are in the Sahara desert," Tammy complained, and removed the camouflage jacket he wore from his body.

"We are not in the Sahara desert," Tannia corrected. He stood a few feet away, but his voice was too loud for them to hear. "We're going to die," h
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