Enigma Of The Woods

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Enigma Of The Woods

By: Diamondpurple OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Can you live carefree knowing that nothing is right? Being born in a dystopia. Spending all your life locked up in a little town, where everything is eerie; everyday is a drag and there's no hope of change. My only source of joy was my big brother but since he was no more, I wouldn't be put down and locked up by 'fate'. Living in cage all your life just to die the moment you are set free... I didn't believe in that. I wanted freedom.

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JETT’S POVIt was a sudden transition from darkness to light, some would anciently refer to it as having visited ones forefathers. I stumbled out of my bed like a one legged drunkard. The floor, I found myself on the floor; I hit something. Looking back I realized I had fallen over after bumping into a pile of clothes I had left unattended to for lifetimes. No time to waste, I thought as I got up to clean myself up.Looking into the mirror I saw a face I’ve never seen before, the blue eyes that glowed in the dark had faded like a dying star, the natural brownish blonde hair was browner than usual, and trust me it wasn’t naturally browner. It was long and unkempt and concealed most of my face. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was to suspect me for being a criminal. I picked my toothbrush to dig into the gold mine on my face when I noticed my once trimmed pink lips had turned pale and chapped. Basically, I looked older than I remembered and obviously more unkempt. Of course I would,
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JETT'S POVAs we began running we felt something behind us but we couldn’t make a shape of it. It was dark in the forest so we couldn’t see it properly. It was gaining up on is. I could tell because I could hear it’s heavy breathing and smashing of trees draw closer and closer to us. I was feeling something. I knew this feeling. I was sweating profusely, my pulse skyrocketing, my limbs trembling and moving of their own will, my insides hot but freezing on the outside… It was Fear. I was afraid but not for my life or so I think. I was afraid that I’ll be the only one to me it out alive.Just then, the ‘best’ outcome possible happened. Gryffin fell.‘Help!!’ he cried out looking at Tess, the girl of his dreams, who didn’t even bother to turn around.‘No, don’t!!,’ Ravi yelled at the gallant hero Ethaine who ran back to help Gryffin up.At a point it seemed like they’d make it until Gryffin’s head was sent flying over our heads and Ethaine’s inside was spread across the floor and his hea
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JETT'S POVI was walking past the shopping mall when I saw a large crowd gathered around the fire escape at the side of the mall building. There were also sirens blaring loudly. I didn’t want to check it out but something fault amidst. So I decide to check it out. As I drew closer I heard the murmurs of the crowd grow louder and louder.‘How could she?’‘This was so selfish of her…’As I fought my way through the crowd I started seeing trails of blood on the floor.Then I saw the medics gathering the limbs of the corpse that had scattered on the floor and the head was smashed. Clothes bathed in blood but despite all those I still could recognise that person. I could never take that freckled face for anyone else. It was Tess. The adults started narrating that she had been acting strange since last night and the a few minutes ago she came to the mall with her parents and as they went in to shop she climb the fire escape to the roof and jumped off. I really couldn’t blame her, after exper
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JETT'S POVThis time around, as I rode my way to the forest, I got equal amount of stares from the children who were usually preoccupied with playing and the adults from their haven of a house. Surprisingly I didn’t see Ravi. Maybe he had given up on his trying to discourage me.Or so I thought. Standing in front of the forest entrance was Ravi, carefully standing under the sun. He had a frown on his face, now common to me. His arms were crossed and he planted his feet apart, stumping his left foot ever so slowly like an angry father ready to reprimand his incorrigible son.‘You’re wasting your time…’, I said as I got off my bike. ‘If you came to stop me that is’‘Well then I love wasting my time’, he replied sarcastically as he started approaching me. As he reached his hands out to place them on my shoulder he said, ‘ Don’t do this. It’s not worth it’.‘ Are you insane?! My freedom is worth my life cos if I ain’t free then I ain’t alive’. I walked past him and turned around to face h
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JETT'S POVAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!’, I screamed as I sat up straight on my bed. My heart was pounding excessively and I was drenched in sweat. My body was extremely hot and was naked on my bed. I hope I still had my virginity intact. My arm and legs were back and there was no hole in my abdomen either. I didn’t understand. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. Want I just in the woods facing that beast? The Neo Enigma. But more than that I had a huge headache, my head fleet like it'd explode ’t any second and I had a boiling fever.I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. As I took the shower I was still trying to make sense of what had happened. I couldn’t. I looked hopelessly at the diadem around my neck for any clues but nothing. I got out and luckily the fever was gone but then I was extremely hungry and I had no food at home. I needed to go shopping. As I was stepped out I saw it was yet another sunny day.‘Ouch!!’. The sun burnt mu skin. What the fuck?! Since when? I
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JETT'S POV I packed up and down my room trying to make sense of what had happened. 'I remember being stabbed and then...', I murmured to myself. I didn't notice what was staring at me each time I walked past mirror that hang to me. I caught a glimpse of red in the mirror. I knew I wore nothing red and coming to that realisation, my heart skipped as I jumped back using my arms as a shield for my face and raising my right leg ready to kick whatever it was. It was red and looked grim. It had a devilish grin like the Neo Enigma but it was different. It's colour was crimson. Blood red. A crimson demon. It had like an eye protector like the ones on the knight armour. It had spikes on the shoulders and its hand continued into blades. It had a torn clothe round its waist that connected to the shadow at its feet. It didn't have feet, they just connected with the bulk of shadows that hovered around its feet. Crimson shadows that I'm sure were solid and touchable. What stood out the most was
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JETT'S POVThe night got colder and colder each second. The warm embrace and air that hovered around moments ago was gone... Hopefully not forever. It was after me of course, I had killed one of its own but Gabby was to join me in my grave for just being there. The injustice. Several of my own have been killed and we never hunted them and then one of theirs get killed and they ambush me. I was furious. The Neo Enigma that came after me obviously looked like an assassin. His head was made of mist that had a long tail that bellowed in the windy. It had long arm that had long blades at the end, looked more like a scythe than a limb, no wonder my arm was that easy to discard. He was blue like the others just darker. He was extremely tall. This one didn't look as scary as the others but obviously was dangerous. The wound was not healing? Timoria won't lend me power? I thought as I looked at my lifeless arm that lay there next to Gabby. She was shocked and confused. 'Gabby! Ruuuun!!'As s
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JETT'S POVI filled the pit with sand; lifeless. I was like a moving puppet; without soul or purpose. I was dead on the inside. I knelt down after having filled out the pit and stared into the dark abyss of nothingness. I could see clearly but all I saw was darkness. I knew I had blood in my veins and organs but I felt hollow and empty. I knew I was surrounded by trees and rocks but it seemed to me like I was floating in a dark sea of blackness. I didn't know what was real and what wasn't. I felt like there was no such thing as time but just a void of nothingness that never seemed to finish. My insides were colder than the night.I didn't cry anymore; I couldn't. I just sat down freezing in the night as I lay at the grave I had prepared for the innocent Gabby. She didn't deserve this. None of them -- us did. 'Hope thou don't misdirect thine angerI did what was neededThou need to chase what thou art afterThine enemy head', the clever Timoria spoke. I wasn't mad at him nor did I bla
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****Mními pov*****On a cold night in the forest, in an undisclosed location we gathered for a meeting. It was like a huge colosseum, the upper area was dark and the faces were not visible just crimson eyes glowing in the dark. In the centre was a blue glowing light and in it was a silhouette of a person. There were four cubiculum's which had a curule chair for each general. I Mními sat in one of them, I was a general. An old one; I was one of the first ones born from the great Brahma who was the figure in the blue glow in the centre of the colosseum. I was old but I was still quite able; I had two long horns that curved downward to the rear, Cyclops eyed and pointy eared. I had worn a torn robe round my waist and had a veil swinging behind me from arm to arm. On one of the other was the furious Perifronisi, standing at his right hand was Anisychía. 'What is happening to your territory, Perifronisi?', Katapíesi inquired. He was one of the generals, one that Perifronisi hated. He was
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****Mními pov*****We knelt in awe of the Great Brahma. He was the definition of greatness. He had an aura of authority and supremacy, like a true god. He had a huge white eye in the centre of his face. Striations ran from his crown, around his eyes to his teeth. His teeth was visible but not smiling. He had six horns, three horns on each side. The highest one pointed up and outward, the second curved backwards and the lowest one curved downward and forwards. There were threads hanging from the horns, swinging from one to the other. He had ten arms, five on each side. The first three pair of arms were facing palm up with light orbs in their hands. The fourth pair were together as if to be praying. And the last pair was also facing palm up. He had a robe on, it was glowing. His legs were crossed as he floated in the air. The great Brahma was the most powerful being in the entire universe but he was inactive. For some reason he had no fighting ability, most of his power has left him sti
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