Chapter 6

"Push! Push!" The midwife shouted out as Rachel screamed out in pain. It was only a matter of seconds until a baby came out. Deep down, she was waiting for the midwife to inform her that it was a girl. She was hoping to prove Clarris's curse wrong, but the midwife held the baby and congratulated her for delivering a bouncing baby boy. Rachel's heart sank in.

King Jerald was nowhere to be seen. Even when Rachel was taken to her chambers to nurse the baby, he did not show his face near the baby.

He locked himself in the library with the sorcerers, who were researching the crescent witches. Other lands still had witches, but many centuries ago the seven kingdoms came together and buried and sealed all witches in tombs to rest for eternity. The fate of the witches came after the Witches wreaked havoc across the lands. The council of elders from the seven kingdoms came up with the decision, and they each sent the most powerful sorcerers and cursed the witches to sleep for everlasting etern
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