Chapter 12

"Do not just stand there, get us into the castle," King Jerald yelled out.

"How did you do that?" Miguel asked Barrick, who was as shocked as everyone. However, there was no time for questions. They lifted King Jerald, rushed him into the castle, and shut the door behind them.

Barrick felt weakness within his knee and knelt. All of a sudden, his chest opened and the Pixiu came out and jumped on King Jerald's lap.

"What the fuck?" They all yelled

"Bad manners, Angel! Do not ever do that," Barrick yelled."

"What! How! You named it! " Lotus asked.

"He is our guardian angel. Omen does not fit him," Barrick replied.

King Jerald ordered Nephius to take him into the dungeon and asked everyone to leave him alone with the creature.

They all came back speechless but with a lot of questions in their heads. "Mother, where did Father get that creature?"

"Where have you all been these nine months?" Nephius asked.

Rachel asked her sons to take seats, and she narrated everything to them. They were a
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