Chapter 14

Clarris walked away frustrated, she had made a promise all those centuries ago and was not planning to go back on her words. There was definitely another way to kill that Nemo. She went into her chambers and paced the room, her mind was going nuts. She might have no heart pumping in her but she had honor.

A knock came on her door but she declined to respond. She was in no mood for company. After realizing that she was not going to open the door, Darrell showed himself in further infuriating her.

“Get out now!” Clarris yelled at top of her voice.

“You should stop Cleselda from sacrificing the Dark Knights”

“I was thinking of a solution before you rudely interrupted me, now get out!” Clarris yelled out again.

Darrell began walking out but stopped in his track, turned, and said “If any Dark knights are killed I will betray you”

Clarris stopped pacing the room and faced him, “Did you just threaten me?”

“Centuries ago I had no choice and I do not want to see other knights get their choices
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