Chapter 15

Marcus tried running for help but was pulled back, “Stay right there or I will break your neck,” Clarris yelled out.

“What do you want? Get out of my head.”

“I want your eyes Marcus and the hate you have for that Nemo,” She hissed.

Marcus swallowed hard “I do not know what you are talking about?”

“I see it in your eyes, Marcus, you hate that thing sucking the life out of your father. What guarantee do you have that it will not kill you all after it is done with your father?”

Marcus laughed, “From the stories, I have heard I thought you were the smartest woman on earth but I'm disappointed. Whether the Nemo is alive or not, we are all still doomed.”

Clarris was quiet, she wasn't expecting Marcus to be this smart.

“Nevertheless, your life for the Nemo's, I want to see it with your eyes. Go in the dungeon now,” she ordered.

“You are really stupid, the Nemo will sense you,” Marcus reminded her.

“It won't, as long as you keep your mouth shut, tell anyone and I will squeeze the life out of
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