Chapter 18

Omen sat below the flooded dungeon the entire day. His brothers had tried getting him to come up but to no avail. “Maybe he is dead,” Lotus pointed out. The other brothers gave him the crazy look.

“He clearly just doesn't want to be bothered,” Barrick said in a sad voice.

The dungeon door opened, Rachel and king Jerald walked in. Everyone could see that king Jerald was getting worse every day. A new day meant less time for him. He ordered all his sons and wife to leave the room.

He crawled near the last stair and spoke, “Son I know you can hear me…” before he could finish his sentence, Omen came up excitedly.

“ thou look ill,” he asked

“Yes my son now stop sharing your energy with me, you have to reserve it for Clarris. Stop trying to serve me,” King Jerald pleaded.

“Stepmother shall hate me,” Omen said in a sad voice.

King Jerald looked at him surprised, “what do you mean by that, Rachel understands that I am doing this for your brothers and to end the curse,”

“I read her thoughts a
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