Chapter 19

Clarris wore a pink silk dress with pearls and diamonds laced on it. For centuries she had been putting on black only but today she decided to change color.

Darrell couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. Clarris was beautiful but before the curse, she was the innocent simple type but now the fearlessness added to her beauty and she looked elegant.

“Close that jaw before a bug enters it,” she said to Darrell, who kept staring at her.

Darrell snapped out of it and looked away. Cleselda joined them but was not too pleased with asking for the knights from the emperor.

“Are you honestly going to let this useless thing dictate your decisions,” Cleselda asked whilst pointing at Darrell?

Darrell scoffed and looked away.

“Why do you have the tendency to spoil a beautiful morning?” Clarris replied.

“We are running out of time, every second that thing in Ergad is becoming stronger,” Cleselda said.

Clarris sighed, “first of all the Nemo is still holding on to King Jerald, that's his weakne
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