Chapter 22

It was almost dark and Cleselda had made all the preparations. She had drained all the Knight's blood and ordered Clarris to take off her clothes and enter the pool of blood as she began chanting.

The plan was to teleport back in time to the day the night catcher harvested from the curse and Instead of Killing it they were going to kill the Naga before it met King Jerald.

Previously they would have teleported back without even lifting a hair but somehow the Naga had managed to lock those points in time. It was like she never even existed.

Cleselda began chanting, “Nnwe, Nmwe, Nimwe Nimwe,” and a portal began opening.

In Ergad, Rachel could feel life running out of Omen. King Jerald quickly knelt to where Rachel was seated and began pleading, “Please Omen you can not doom us, let me go please son, you promised your mother that you would let me go…. Clarris is coming for your brothers,” he cried.

In the other part of the castle, Princess Elsa noticed that it was now dark and she was now
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