Chapter 24

Omen kept brushing Clarris's hair until it was neatly tucked in behind. She was now tired of screaming at him and only closed her eyes as her tears dropped.

He looked at her from an angle then spat in her hair and did her edges. Clarris opened her eyes in shock and her tears finally stopped dropping.

“What is wrong with you? Are you normal?" She asked.

But Omen ignored her.

He finally stopped and sat next to her which further infuriated her. She had no idea what he was planning or thinking.

In Ergad, Rachel stood by the window with swollen eyes, she had spent the entire night crying. Her beloved king Jerald was no more and everything seemed all wrong. Nephius walked in, “Mother, Omen is not yet back,”

“What? Do you think Clarris defeated him,”

“Hope not because I tried cutting myself last night and the wound healed in seconds.”

“What? You are supposed to be free of the curse, your father is dead. How is this possible?”

”Maybe it will take some days but Lotus and Marcus are still
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