Chapter 27

The room was silent and no one wanted to glance at their mother. Rachel felt shame hovering over her. She did not expect Omen to say that out but it was like it was eating him up and he was waiting for the perfect opportunity to say it out and he made sure to use someone to deliver a clear message.

“So this is how you all feel right?" Rachel asked while looking at all her sons. "Say it to my face as he has done.”

“Mother please,” Nephius replied, “We all know that you once made a mistake and you are still paying for that, we do not blame you.”

Omen chuckled

“Omen stop it!” Daniel yelled.

Omen rolled his eyes and jumped out of the window into the burning lava.

They all ran to the window in shock, “Did he just commit suicide?” a terrified Barrick asked.

Deep in the melting lava was Lotus with his eyes closed, he opened them and found himself on fire. He got up and started beating himself in hopes of putting it off. To his shock, he noticed he was not burning. He realized that the
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