Chapter 32

Darrell kept riding as fast as he could in hopes of tiring the princess up but to his surprise, she was not giving up. The faster he rode, the faster she flew. She was determined to follow him until he gave up.

It was almost getting dark, he looked back and found her still following, he sighed and cursed not even Clarris was this persistent. He needed to lose her and fast. He taped on his horse and it turned into a dragon fry while he turned into an aunt.

“No no, you fool!” Princess Elsa cried out. She looked around and it was all dark, she was all alone and tired in Deadman's Forest. Creatures of the night were up and about. She was so tired, she stopped and sat on the ground not sure what to do, “Darrel you are a coward a stupid coward for that matter,” she yelled at top of her voice.

Unknown to her Darrell was in her hair and listening, he thought she would turn back once he did his dragonfly trick but to his surprise, she began screaming at top of her voice putting herself in dan
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