Chapter 39

Both Marcus and Darrell flew west to the outskirts of the kingdom. They landed and found Omen having his usual English class with Clarris. Omen tapped on them and they turned into human, “what the fuck! Who is in the palace?” a very confused Marcus asked.

“Shi Shi I am writing exams,” Omen replied in a serious tone, shocking the two men.

“You can not be serious?? You are what?” Clarris, what's going on?” Darrell asked.

“He is writing his exams, just like he has stated,” Clarris replied.

“Who is that in there, they are going to kill Lotus and you are here writing an exam?” Darrell yelled

Omen chuckled and said, “I didst not wot that thou cared,”

Marcus Walked to where Omen was seated and threw the writing block out of his hands, “how can you leave our brother to die!” Marcus yelled at him.

Omen looked at him furiously, breathed in, walked to the block, picked it up, and continued writing. “How much time doth I hast,” he asked Clarris in a serious tone.

Clarris looked up to the sun an
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