Chapter 40

“No no wake up, wake up,” Lotus cried out “how are we going to save mother, Barrick, Daniel, Miguel, and Nephius?”

Darrell quickly shapeshifted into a horse and urged all of them to hurry up and get on his back. “We need to get out of here now. Marcus help Lotus up but Lotus was not in the mood he needed answers.

“Come here you useless witch, what did he mean by you having the power to end this curse?” he asked as he walked towards Clarris.

Clarris looked away and ignored his question forcing Lotus to grab her by the neck and began screaming at her

In the palace, as soon as the Pixiu Omen slipped into eternal sleep the Nixie Omen dropped to the floor and dried up while the Naga burnt to ashes.

“No no no,” the Princess cried out “What have you done?”

The Emperor tried to comfort her but she pushed him away, “Leave me alone, you are a monster,” she spat out with so much hate. “What did he ever do to you? What harm did he ever do to you or the innocent girls that you just killed?”

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