Chapter 46

The entire Library was littered with books, Cleselda spent hours surfing through the library for answers. Her magic was useless which forced her to go back to the drawing board and the library was the best place to start. Her mind was full of regret, if only she had not burnt the Naga, she thought to herself.

All of a sudden, the emperor burst in with General Zen, “My men were unable to find the two brothers; it's like they have vanished into thin air,” he stated.

Clarris snorted in disdain, they could tell from the falling skin on her body that she was stressed out and boiling up, so they kept their distance.

“And your sparrows are nowhere to be seen,” the emperor added.

Cleselda stared at the pair with anger

“We last saw them when we encountered the death Gray,” the General spoke up. At the mention that Cleselda got up, “you encountered a what?”

“A Death Greyrey,” General Zen replied.

“Death Gray's are long gone, and you wouldn't be alive to tell the tale if you indeed encountered
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