Chapter 54

The singing became louder and louder but the trio maintained their positions. They did not have an idea where it was coming from making it Impossible to decide where to run to.

“Let's just turn around,” Lotus suggested In a scared voice.

“Quiet,” the Princess stated, “guys listen it's Darrell, it's Darrell!” she stated with excitement and ran in the direction they were heading.

“Princess! Elsa Elsa Elsa!” Marcus called out but she took off at the speed of light.

“This princes is really stupid!” Lotus stated as the two brothers ran after her.

“Darrell Darrell where are you? Darrell, we are here!” the Princess yelled on top of her voice.

Some trees away from where she was standing was Darrell nailed to a tree with a huge branch of tree plunged through his heart. He heard Elsa's voice but thought he was hallucinating. He was in so much pain that he could not differentiate hallucinations from reality.

“Darrell Darrell Darrell, where are you?” the Princess yelled again. He stopped singing
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