Chapter 58


“Help me!” Clarris cried out but The Naga pulled her close and held her by her neck. “So you little filthy blinded my son and he forgot about his mission!” she yelled out

A very terrified Clarris looked up at the Naga in shock. “What are you talking about? Please let me go, you have me mixed with someone else”

“ It is you, I can smell evil within you, something dark. You are one going to be our downfall.” The Naga spit out. She looked up and saw a lot of sorcerers heading her way, she quickly tapped on Clarris and they both disappeared.


In the future, Clarris was fuming and raging, she was going to kill them all, if they did not bring the useless heart near her she would have not lost concentration and the Naga would be lying on her living room floor.

Darrell quickly shapeshifted into Omen's human form and placed himself in front of everyone, “Clarris, think about this, we are Omen's friends and family!" You can't kill us, Omen will
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